Women in Uganda are leaving corporate jobs for taxi jobs

New technologies and business models are rapidly opening alternative pathways for women in emerging markets in Africa.

In Uganda, the ride-hailing industry is creating opportunities for several women. Many have abandoned their corporate jobs to drive cabs for a living, and have no regrets about their decisions.

The average earning made by the drivers is $50.00, according to a report by How Africa. However, many of those involved cite not just the income but also the flexibility it offers, which enables them to spend more time with their family, as some of the things they like about being Uber drivers.

It’s good because it gives me more time to take care of other errands, take care of my children and am able to work at my own time… actually am my own boss working with Uber,” Lilian Kabanweri – a female driver in Kampala – says of the Uber business.

Female Uber driver in Ugandan. Image: How Africa

The traditional taxi industry in Uganda was largely male-dominated. Uber has however changed that, as more women take up the service as a means of earning their own money.

According to Uber, out of its 1000 active drivers in Uganda, a quarter are women, and this is largely attributed to the safety features that make female drivers feel more comfortable.


(How Africa)

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Women in Uganda are leaving corporate jobs for taxi jobs