12 die as Boko Haram strikes again in Maiduguri


Another Boko Haram attack on the city of Maiduguri has left twelve people dead and 48 others injured.


Damian Chukwu, the commissioner of police in Borno, said a male suicide bomber detonated an explosive device at a crowded market killing himself and 10 other persons.

“One other suicide bomber out of panic detonated explosive and blew himself alone into pieces,” he said.

“People should be vigilant because Boko Haram insurgents have not surrendered,” he warned.

The incident occurred at Alai Fadawu market of Muna Garage area on the outskirts of Maiduguri.

According to Abdulkadir Ibrahim, information officer of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) in the north-east, the bombing happened around 3 pm on Wednesday, January 17, 2018.

In his statement, Ibrahim said an emergency response team was deployed to evacuate victims of the attack while the dead were taken to the mortuary.

“The victims were evacuated to the Maiduguri teaching Hospital and general hospital for treatment while the dead were disposed at the mortuary,”

“Details will be provided by the security agencies in due course.”

Muna Garage has recorded a series of suicide bomb attacks coordinated by the Boko Haram insurgents in the past one year.



  1. Nigerian government I believe us stronger than anything and anyone, they should provide permanent solution to this ailment

  2. Just like Bornu state were people doing nysc are told in camps that they will be paid extra cash just to serv in Bornu..
    Yet they still reject it because they see the state as a state flooded with blood

  3. I read and saw that his attack was done at 3pm..I keep wondering what they really gain from taking the life of someone and making people cry everyday

  4. I keep wondering what someone would gain,collecting money for a job
    Then killing himself in the cause of actualizing the responsibility assigned to him

  5. Hmmmm

    This country is something death has now become a normal daily something because of book haram and herdsmen

  6. Escalation of the violence of Boko Haram is a clear indication of Institutional Failure. The way the Boko Haram kill indiscriminately without remorse or reflection is the same way the police kill them indiscriminately without proper justice procedures. How do we know who are d good guys. If a criminal is given proper justice it will deter others from commiting crime but where the state or institutions with all their powers exhibit an element of JUNGLE JUSTICE, the criminals will get worse and find a moral right to continue. I blame the state for the escalation

  7. Hw foolish ar de boko haRAMs, dey use guns made frm physics & chm. Wear clothes frm chm fabrics, travell in cars frm west, view dia islamic incantation on tv. Hw foolish can dia foolishness still be?
    My guess is dat, a BIG man is sittin in his ac tight, well furnished apartment in abuja is sponsorin dem, jus like osama wit his exclusive porn collections in his plush apartment gives orders to misguided youths to take dia own lives.
    If de course is really right & worth it, shld dia leaders not be de ones to bell de cat? Why must dey be de ones hu tells u hw bad others ar & wat u shld do? Islam shld beta take new dimension i must say.

  8. and the nigerian al qaeda strikes again but why do they have to kill innocent pple.this pple make it hard to be proud of anything in islam but then again its humans not the religion that’s causing mayhem

  9. They won’t live past 30days. Mark my word, there is a God there. E I E for this Bastards. They will be walking and running. 7 Bank Professionals Dead. 4 Police and 1 Military Soldier Dead. They won’t go free, enough is enough. When they see that the President is about to start working for his people it’s when BKH thinks it’s suitable for them to Bomb and Kill. Steal money to buy more Bomb. What a wicked Religion. Christianity is not a religion, is a Life style, living like Christ whom embraced all. Religious people are very wicked, they killed Christ. Wait for your death all Boko Harams and their Governors who Sponsor them

  10. This Boko Haram thing is becoming alarming and they also have the guts to start and/or add armed robbery into thier operations?

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