Stop dreaming and start doing – Toke Makinwa says in new vlog series of Toke Moment

Still from Toke Makinwa's Toke Moment on ambitions

Toke Makinwa is laying it think on ambition. She wants you to take the walk and to lessen the talk.

Toke made this known in a new series of Toke Moments, an educative and motivating YouTube show where she touches on a wide range of issues including family, relationships, entrepreneurship, among others.

In this latest instalment, Toke Makinwa is urging fans to walk the talk and to take control of their ambition. That includes choosing a relationship partner that not only supports your ambition but also has a vision of their own.

Introducing the episode on the gram, the on-air-personality writes:

“On a flight with one of my favourite Aunt and we started talking about dating and the difference between her time (generation) and ours.

You ladies today are too industrious she said, if you are not selling hair, you are doing fashion, all of you have a side hustle, how can the men meet up. Can you marry a man with potential,’ she asked me.

My response: What is potential Aunty, how do you define potential? ( I am sure she will laugh if she sees this.)

The Vlog today is a discussion, Let me throw it out there. Dream Vs Ambition, they are two different things o, some people will sell you a different dream every year, they are so comfortable talking about this dream they do nothing else but talk. You get exhausted from hearing them talk without action. This year you want to do oil and gas, next year you want to sell cars, every year a different idea with no implementation or set goals. They are so comfortable having so little yet they despise you for wanting more out of life. Bia, na me do you?

I remember watching Acrimony and feeling like that guy was lazy. Yes, I said it. Nothing wrong with his dream but he lacked ambition, he could have gotten a job to support his wife as he worked on his dream on the side or maybe she enabled him sha o, that one is another topic for a different day.

I will pick an ambitious partner over a dreamer. We all have dreams, meself be dreamer but what are you doing now to get there? How are you plotting, planning, what do you do with what you have now? I don’t know it all but an ambitious person is driven and will always want more out of life. Stop talking about how this guy did it or how that one had help and get to work.

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Check out the episode below:

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Stop dreaming and start doing – Toke Makinwa says in new vlog series of Toke Moment