Politician and market woman defend themselves in Nadine’s short film, I Am Not Corrupt| Watch on Sidomex

Still from Nadine Ibrahim's I am not corrupt

In case you have not seen Nadine Ibrahim’s latest short film, I Am Not Corrupt, we strongly recommend you do so, it’s only about four minutes long.

Nadine’s work is widely known for her social commentary and every piece from her offers a fresh perspective on societal issues of our time. And her short film, I Am Not Corrupt, is not an exemption. Here, the filmmaker’s objective is the landmine that is Nigeria’s political ecosystem seen from the lens of a politician and that of a market woman (representing the masses).

In I Am Not Corrupt, the politician (Mofe Duncan) and Rita Edwards (market woman) each tell their truth regarding the institutional breakdown of the Nigeria polity.

The politician delivers a dispassionate speech about how he is not corrupt, but merely a product of a broken system. He says that the average Nigerian is difficult to govern, explaining that they make life hard for themselves and expect politicians to magically sort them out.

Scene from the film, I Am Not Corrupt

Well, that was just one point of view as the lady shows with her rebuttal that there is another side to the narrative, which is a consequence of political chess plays. According to the lady, the politician and his counterparts have ruined the country with their corruption. She explains the effect their heartless laws have on the average person. She also provides details on the sufferings and loss of lives that are fallouts of politicians decisions and actions or if you prefer, inactions. And importantly, she points out the hypocrisy of politicians who pretend to care about the masses only during the election periods. The lady also reminds the politicians about how they never keep their promises, squander the national money and send their kids abroad, while the masses wallow in broken systems.

We sell our votes for the money you stole. How you go beat pikin and say make he no cry,” she rhetorically asks the politician.

So, let’s be clear,” she adds,  “me too, I am not corrupt,” point at herself as she ends her discourse.

Yes, this one hits the core. Average Nigerians can’t help but nod their head in agreement with the lady. They that wear the shoe know where it pinches.

Well done to Nadine and her team.

Watch I Am Not Corrupt below:


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Politician and market woman defend themselves in Nadine’s short film, I Am Not Corrupt| Watch on Sidomex