Critics are not exactly wowed after previewing The Lion King remake

Scene from the Lion King remake

As fans eagerly wait for 19th July to roll by, the review of Disney’s highly anticipated The Lion King remake isn’t exactly encouraging.

However, whether those reviews would dampen enthusiasm among die-hard fans of the beloved animated film or the fans of its high celebrated cast remains to be seen.

Disney followed tradition and invited elite movie critiques to preview the movie ahead of its release at the movie premiere, which took place Wednesday night. While we were all dazzled by Beyonce’s bespoke outfit for the premiere, critics were more interested in the final production. Who could blame them, wasn’t that what they were there for in the first place?

A little background here. Disney made a decision to replace the 1994 original film’s bright, vibrant animation with photorealistic CGI, making the film look more like a nature documentary than a Disney musical. For some, it’s a marvel — but so for others.

As of right now, the film stands at a very meh 57% on Rotten Tomatoes, a website that aggregates film reviews. Another website, Metacritic, has it at a score of 55, describing the reviews as “mixed or average.”


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  1. Whether it’s bad or not, many people (including me) will flock to the cinemas to watch it. It’s Lion King. Really hope the reviews are dramatic though because to spoil Lion King is to fall down an unending well. Disney, no. just no.

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Critics are not exactly wowed after previewing The Lion King remake