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Beyond The Sky
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Trailer Thursday: Beyond The Sky

It's that special time of the week again, and today I'm screaming ET!  Not exactly but I believe you get the picture. We're going Beyond The Sky to meet the extraterrestrials. Or they're coming to meet us. When you watch the movie, you'll know which is right. The best part...
A Wizard's Tale
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Trailer Thursday: A Wizard’s Tale

It's Trailer Thursday and something magical is coming your way. No, I wasn't talking about The Originals people, sadly that series is over. Alright, people. Who's ready for A Wizard's Tale? This new animated movie follows a young kid called Terry (Toby Kebbell) who has been whisked away to the...
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Trailer Thursday: The Basement

It's time for another movie madness. And we're going a little dark today. Enough with the smooth, happily ever after and predictable movies. I am sending you to the basement today and I'm being literal. Movie trailer The Basement Craig is abducted and wakes up in a basement. His captor, Bill,...
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Trailer Thursday: Destination Wedding

It's that time of the week again. Yes, It's time for another jaw-dropping, riveting trailer. Don't you just love Trailer Thursdays?   There's something about the summer season. People just can't wait to get married. Makes you wonder what the sense of urgency is, but fortunately, I won't be dragging you to...
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Movie Trailer: The After Party

Get ready guys for new movie; The After Party! When an aspiring rapper goes viral for all the wrong reasons, he thinks his career is over. But when his best friend gets them into a wild NYC after party, he gets one more chance to make the impossible happen.  ...
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Trailer Thursday: The Meg

While it's not yet time to meet Aquaman, we can still sail on the deep blue sea! Thanks to a new movie that comes out tomorrow in cinemas, The Meg. The Meg stars Jason Statham, Jessica McNamee, Ruby Rose, Rainn Wilson, Jack Morris, Li Bingbing and Cliff Curtis.  Directed by Jon Turteltaub and written by Dean Georgaris, the...
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Trailer Thursday: Mission Impossible Fallout

Grab a friend, get into the car and drive away like a couple of bad guys are on your tail! But wait, where are you guys driving to? I'll tell you where. Straight to the cinemas to go see M.I6! That's right folks, Mission: Impossible - Fallout is finally out,...
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