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Trailer Thursday: A Wizard’s Tale

A Wizard's Tale
It’s Trailer Thursday and something magical is coming your way. No, I wasn’t talking about The Originals people, sadly that series is over.

Alright, people. Who’s ready for A Wizard’s Tale?

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This new animated movie follows a young kid called Terry (Toby Kebbell) who has been whisked away to the colourful Kingdom of Groovynham.


The evil wizard Grump (Ian McShane) has cast a spell of gloom over the land and as such, smiling & laughter are now a thing of the past.

Trailer Thursday

Terry must travel the Kingdom in search of a spell that will help get everyone’s happy back and along the way help Princess Dawn (Lily Collins), outwit all manner of strange & wonderful creatures, and try an embrace a little thing called “change.”

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The movie stars Lily Collins (voice), Ian McShane and Toby Kebbell amongst others. Directed by Andrés Couturier and written by Jim Hecht, you can’t afford to miss this intriguing, hilarious and magical movie. Plus, you finally have something to treat your kids to tomorrow at the cinemas.

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Trailer Thursday: A Wizard’s Tale