Google buys startup that turns smartphones into health diagnostic tools

Google has bought Senosis Health, a startup that turns smartphones into medical devices and collects various health stats.   The Senosis apps can monitor lung health and haemoglobin counts, among other things, using functions on a smartphone including its accelerometer, microphone, flash and camera. For example, to measure the haemoglobin,...

Actress Tonto Dikeh reveals secrets to losing pregnancy fat

In a long IG post, Nollywood actress and philanthropist, Tonto Dikeh shared with fans her secret to losing weight after giving birth to her son.   The self-confessed born again Christian and founder of Tonto Dikeh Foundation attributed her successful weight loss to an SSF diet which she said uses...

Does moisturisers work? Read what a dermatology has to say

After award-winning actress Helen Mirren was quoted - in colourful language - that moisturiser probably does nothing at all for the skin, The BBC sought out an opinion from a dermatologist in a bid to find out whther Mirren is right. Is she?   Not really. If you have dry...

Red Onions can help fight cancer cells research suggests

Dark red onions are proven sources of goodness containing nutrients that are beneficial for maintaining good health such as flavonoids, quercetin, allicin, anthocyanin and Chromium, some of which have been implicated in fighting bacteria and fungi, reducing high blood pressure, promoting cardiovascular health and aiding weight loss.   As if...

Three benefits of giving your child a balanced (healthy) diet

This is a follow-up article on Eating an egg a day might help children to grow taller.   As noted in the previous article, it is not enough to give a child an egg (or just one food type) to prevent stunting. The key to normal growth in children lies...

Eating an egg a day might help children to grow taller

Want your kids to grow taller? Give each an egg a day or so a study carried out in Ecuador by Lora Iannotti and colleagues suggests. The result of the study is published in Paediatric Journal. It does not really matter so much how the eggs are prepared, be they soft or...

10 health benefits of cucumber

There are many foods that one ate just because mama included them as part of the household diet. Whether that was as a result of some health benefits, taste or tradition is beside the point... Eat 'cos Mama says so! Here in Nigeria, cucumber, I believe falls into that category....

Want to live a healthy and long life?

Then it’s time to immigrate to Italy! The country’s good healthcare system and a diet rich in vegetable have been attributed as the reasons Italy ranks top of 163 nations considered in the 2017 Bloomberg Global Health Index - this is despite the economic struggle and high unemployment rate in...
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