Heart to Heart: What does your joy look like today?

It's mid-week and most of us are already looking forward to the weekend. Stop for a minute and take stock of your day. Whether you’re working at a job that you may or may not like, or you’re out in a field looking for employment or some other purpose; stop...
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Kaffy covers the latest issue of La Mode magazine

Prolific dance artiste and fitness instructor Kaffy is the cover personality for La Mode Magazine‘s latest edition with the theme – Beyond Dance. The cover feature explores the other sides of Kaffy beyond dance career, touching elements of beauty and style, her inspiration, content, and her drive for success. In...

Motivation Monday: The power of focus

Do you wake up in the morning and you did not want to get out of bed, hear the alarm clock ring, and you press the snooze button over and over again until you are forced to get up and go to the bathroom? What am I saying? Of course,...
Owambe and slaying

Owambe 102: Top 7 tips to slay at any owambe

Another Owambe Saturday is here, so let's seize this opportunity to update your Owambe look Owambe time is party time, a time to slay, meet people, network, laugh and of course eat. Slaying is an unwritten rule in the owambe dictionary, and as such, you cannot afford to dress anyhow...
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Don’t change who you are, Chika Ike tells fans

Nollywood actress, Chila has penned some advice for fans on social media. The Harvard discussed how she hated her body growing up and how she was bullied for it just because she happened to have been perceived to be thin by the then society. The actress revealed that in a...
Celebrity News

Adekunle Gold finally takes a picture in the snow

For Afropop singer, Adekunle Gold, a picture in the snow means much. The artist took to his Instagram page to share an exciting experience he just witnessed for the first time in his life. According to Adekunle, he had always wanted to take a picture in the snow but never had...

A man’s G-spot is in his anus – Facebook user

Who hasn't heard about the Gräfenberg spot, otherwise known as G-spot? That elusive area of a female's sexual anatomy that supposedly guarantees the wildest orgasm. Not everyone believes in its existence anyway, and it is, strictly speaking, a female prerogative. Well, or so they say, that is, until now when a...

Will you pay extra for your kids to learn a British accent?

News about town says some parents living in the Federal Capital Territory Abuja are paying extra for their children to learn a British accent.   The classes are quaintly named: "elocution, enunciation and diction." And for the privilege to participate, parents pay between N10,000 - N25,000 per term in addition...
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Heart to Heart: What does your joy look like today?