American singer SZA changes name to ‘Amarachi Chinonso’ on Instagram

American singer, Solána Imani Rowe, popularly known by the stage name SZA has given herself a Nigerian name, Amarachi Chinonso.

The 28-year-old singer who was born to African American parents, a Christian mother and a Muslim father in St. Louis, Missouri in 1990, changed her name on Instagram to Amarachi Chinonso.

SZA changes name to Amarachi Chinonso on Instagram

We really do not know what prompted the name change, whether it’s in connection to herself or maybe she’s paying a tribute to someone. Either way, we find it interesting.

Our preferred theory is that SZA has undergone some ancestry test and DNA proves her root is somewhere in Eastern Nigeria. What better way to embrace your origin than to adopt the names of your ancestor? Or better yet, perhaps she’s in a relationship with one nna bros and has a ring to her finger? We do not know.

anyway, we’re just messing. The name change probably means nothing and SZA is just having fun. We’ll be on the lookout though for further developments.


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American singer SZA changes name to ‘Amarachi Chinonso’ on Instagram