Did you know? A single cloud can weigh up to 1 million pounds

Did you know?
Clouds come in all shapes and sizes, appearing to float aimlessly in the skies above us. But beneath their fluffy exteriors, they can be vast and unpredictable and packed full of water.

A small cumulus cloud can weigh as much as two elephants and scientists estimate that an average-sized cumulus cloud could contain as much as 200 tonnes of water.

Cumulonimbus clouds, which are up to 10 times denser and 1,000 times larger than cumulus clouds, could weigh as much as one million tonnes.


clouds are made up of a lot of tiny water droplets, which means that they must have some mass, they’re so tiny that gravity has hardly any effect on them and that is why they can stay afloat despite their weight. A cloud is actually less dense than dry air, so that keeps them to float.

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Source: BBC


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