A man’s G-spot is in his anus – Facebook user

Who hasn’t heard about the Gräfenberg spot, otherwise known as G-spot? That elusive area of a female’s sexual anatomy that supposedly guarantees the wildest orgasm.

Not everyone believes in its existence anyway, and it is, strictly speaking, a female prerogative. Well, or so they say, that is, until now when a Facebook user identifying as Buchi Stein Emezue says hold on, men too have G-spots.

Emezue made the disclosure in a comment section of a Facebook post and according to him, it is located in the anus and is “the fastest way to make a man cum, straight or gay,” he declares.

When another commenter observed that being fingered in the anus may be construed as a gay thing, Emezua explains that such a construction is a reason while some men may not want to be fingered in the anus. He, however, maintains that a man can experience the “greatest orgasms of his life” when fingered in the anus.

Such experiences will probably freak a man out enough to make him doubt “his sexuality,” he adds.



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A man’s G-spot is in his anus – Facebook user