These 7 facts are apparently useless

How valuable are facts?

There are certain things we know to be fact. We know these sometimes through observations and sometimes common sense dictate that they be so. We agree that they are indisputable facts.

The knowledge that something is a fact can be handy as we deal with various decisions we necessarily have to make as humans. Knowing that something is a certain way helps us in making an informed decision. It reduces uncertainty and buoys our confidence. After all, we use the past to predict the future.

But are all facts useful?

We guess it depends on your perspective and what you think is useful versus useless. Yet there are certain universally agreed facts that have no apparent use. Like the seven facts below. Cursorily, these appear to be apparently useless facts but who knows what a creative mind might do with them. So, we would leave you to judge the usefulness or otherwise of the said facts.

The images are from around the internet. Enjoy.

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These 7 facts are apparently useless