This is why this black South African lady is with her white elderly partner

A South African woman is causing quite a stir on Twitter after she tweeted a photo of herself with her elderly white partner insinuating she’s with him for the money.


Twitter user, identifying as Ninety Four (@ZimeMsomi) made the revelation on the social platform.

To be fair, it is not known the exact nature of the relationship between the couple. For all we know, they could be strangers thrown together in a chance meeting. Having said that, the caption of the photo, however, seems to suggest that some sort of legal claim may be applicable somewhere here.

The lady captures the photo: “securing the will.


We’re not sure whether she was in earnest or joking, but meanwhile, opinions are divided as can be seen from a selection of the responses to the tweet.

“I’m sure she’s just joking she works at the store calm down. This man, he bumped into me twice at Gateway and it wasn’t by accident, he was acting weird like In a creepy way.”
– Bhambatha? @londiwondi

Baby, keep shining! Give that generational wealth a detour… I’m rooting for you
– Adultish Gambino? @Lebenfour

The reverse ‘Expropriation of our women without lobola in the hope of a will going in their favour. A pensioner that young has his will concreted & in most cases excludes u, cc. Get a grip & look for a job.”
– IG:ThandoMoholi (@thandomohodi)


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