Zlatan the Bully: How Zlatan Ibrahimovic Was Sent Off For Slapping Another Player


Zlatan Ibrahimovic, one of football’s most witty, controversial players has gotten himself into some drama at his new team LA Galaxy after he slapped Michael Petrasso a member of the opposing team in the neck. The slap came after Petrasso had apparently unknowingly stepped on the 36 year old and they both went to the ground quite theatrically.

The video shows Zlatan (who sometimes has a short temper) giving Petrasso a resounding slap on the neck seconds after he was stepped on (the man obviously doesnt like dirt on his boots) and Petrasso slowly going straight to the ground to get a reaction from the refree.

If it were any other footballer in the world the news may come across as shocking but seeing as it is Zlatan, anything is possible. After all, Zlatan isn’t human like the rest of us: just ask Zlatan.


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