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BBNaija Tega & 4 other celebrities that left social media due to cyberbullying

Learn about how cyberbullying pushed BBNaija Season 6 Tega and 4 other female celebrities – Ruby Rose, Kelly Marie Tran, Millie Bobby Brown, Ariel Winters – off social media, making them deactivate their accounts.

From insulting and hurtful comments to mocking memes, social media became too much of a burden to these celebrities, so they had to deactivate their accounts.

Social media was created to bring people together, to enable them to share life events, happenings and just about anything else with friends and family. Sometimes, celebrities use it as a way to connect with fans.

Despite this noble intention, it is still subjected to disturbingly sexist, racist or purely hateful comments, and this is the reason BBNaija’s Tega and the other celebrities were pushed into social media hiatus.

Here is the reason they were subjects of cyberbullying.

1. Tega Dominic

BBNaija's Tega
BBN’s Tega Dominic

The former Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye housemate, Tega Dominic, stated that she was done with being judged constantly and then went ahead to deactivate her social media account.

The mother of one set tongues wagging, the week before her eviction from the BBNaija house, with a viral video of her kissing fellow housemate Boma.

Other videos that went viral showed her kissing Boma in front of the housemates, and also at the executive lounge where he spanked her bum.

Another clip showed her and Boma under the duvet, which everyone speculated involved intimate actions. And being a married woman made her the primary target of criticisms.

In her explanation, Tega insisted that the act was a script.

I did not have sex with Boma in the house. Everything we did under the duvet was intentional; it was part of our strategy.

“If we had not been evicted on Sunday, perhaps the viewers would have got a clear picture of what we were trying to do. Since we were evicted, we went home with an ‘uncompleted script’,” she said.

Her explanation did nothing to reduce cyberbullying. If anything, it only increased it.

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Not being able to handle it anymore, Tega Dominic deactivated her Instagram account on Tuesday, 5 October 2021. Taking to her Twitter handle, she tweeted: “I am not perfect but I am done! Done with the negativity. Done with the online bullying. Done with being judged constantly. I am mentally exhausted!! [sic]”

2. Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose
Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose started experiencing cyberbullying in 2018 when she was cast as Batwoman for the CW series Arrowverse. This role cast was an apparent win for the LGBTQ community because it is a traditionally gay character that will, in turn, be played by a gay actress.

This didn’t go down well with all fans as some were not happy with CW’s casting pick, and they took to Twitter to voice their opinions, sending Rose a series of abusive messages and comments.

Most of the backlash the actress got were centred around the claim that she isn’t “gay enough” to play the role of Kate Kane (aka Batwoman).

Other trolls questioned the actress’ ability, leading to the creation of the #recastbatwoman campaign across social media platforms.

Ruby Rose, who has been a longtime advocate for women and LGBTQ rights, took to her Twitter handle to express her distress and confusion after days of continued harassment.

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She then went ahead to inform her followers that she would be taking a break from Twitter to focus on future projects and if anyone needed her, “I’ll be on my Bat Phone.”

Rose’s Instagram is still active.

3. Kelly Marie Tran

Kelly Marie Tran
Kelly Marie Tran

Kelly Tran was the first woman of colour to be cast in a leading role in a Star Wars movie. In The Last Jedi film, she played Rose, a Resistance mechanic. The character started appearing across social media sites, including some fandom pages, with a name change of “Ching Chong Wing Tong.” This is where her cyberbullying began.

Trolls started to come at her with hateful comments, calling her “retarded” while questioning why an actress that looked like her was needed in the film.

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Tran couldn’t take it and decided to remove herself from Instagram following the harassment. In an article published in The New York Times, Tran explained that it wasn’t the comments specifically that made her remove herself, but the fact that she was starting to believe what the trolls were saying.

4. Millie Bobby Brown

Millie Bobby Brown

The teenage actress is famous for her work in the Stranger Things series. However, her age didn’t make the trolls spare her, as they hounded her with hateful comments.

Millie’s cyberbullies were creative with their harassment and took it one step further by creating the hashtag #TakeDownMillieBobbyBrown.

They trolled her because she was falsely considered homophobic. In June 2018, she had to deactivate her Twitter account. The actress has since created a new Twitter handle.

5. Ariel Winters

Ariel Winters

In 2016, Ariel Winter opened up to Seventeen Magazine about her struggles with hateful comments and judgements.

She stated that she wakes up each day and reads comments of trolls calling her ugly and fat across multiple social media platforms.

Some even went as far as s--t-shaming her when she was as young as 18 because she posted a picture of her high school graduation, and her dress exposed her chest.

In June 2018, she took to Instagram and Twitter to inform fans that she would be quitting social media altogether. She has since returned to her social media platforms.

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