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Jojo Siwa praises her ‘supportive’ parents after she confirms her LGBTQ+ status

17-year-old social media sensation Jojo Siwa has praised her parents for being supportive after she came out as part of the LGBTQ+ community. She had first posted herself wearing a T-shirt gift from her cousin that read, “Best. Gay. Cousin. Ever.”

Then, in an Instagram Live video on Saturday, 23 January 2021, the teenage star further opened up on her sexuality. Speaking about her parents, Jojo Siwa said:

“You know what my dad said? He said, ‘Hey man, love is universal.’ My parents have known.”

She also added: “My mom said she’s known for the last two years. She’s like, ‘I just know with you!’ Around two years ago, she was like, ‘I don’t think you only like boys, that’s totally OK.’ My family is awesome.”

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While she did not want to use any label yet because according to her, she doesn’t ‘really know this answer’, Siwa said towards the end of the video; “I think my whole life… I liked people but I had never fallen in love before. But I always believed that my person was just going to be my person. If that person happened to be a boy, then great. If that person happened to be a girl, great.”

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Additionally, despite Jojo Siwa expressing her joy at coming out as part of the LGBTQ+ community, she acknowledged that it was difficult for some.

“I know everyone’s situation is different and it might be harder for some people and easier for some people to come out or [to] be themselves but I think coming out has this stigma around it—that it’s this really, really, really scary thing, but it’s not anymore,” she said.

Jojo Siwa, however, assured those yet to embrace their sexuality that there are so many accepting and loving people in the world. She added;

“Of course, people are going to say it’s not normal, but nothing is normal. Literally, not one thing about anybody is normal and it’s OK not to be normal, it’s OK to be a little different… And I think a lot of people are afraid of being different, and that’s something we should never, ever be afraid of. That’s something we should be proud of…”

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