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10 best places to sell and buy cars quickly in Nigeria in 2020

Cars are a necessity in Nigeria today, but sometimes a luxury too. It all depends on your situation. However, whether a car is a luxury or a necessity for you, buying or selling one is a matter that deserves serious consideration and you definitely want the best deal you can afford or get. So, we bring to you the best places to buy and sell cars quickly in Nigeria.

Most of us have a desire to have at least one functional car. Not just that, but our dream car. Some dream of performing fascinating stunts with a sleek sports car, while others just want to fantasise a weekend drive.

But let’s face it, cars are not cheap, especially new cars, colloquially called ‘tear rubber’.

This is while in Nigeria, the demand for used vehicles outweighs that for new ones. It is not just cheaper in all instances for the same car model, it is also practical. This is due to the high cost of new cars in the country and we earn in naira, not dollars. Which reinforces the point I made earlier, every car buyer and seller wants the best deal they can get, and so should you.

If you’re a buyer, the question becomes, where can I buy the best car at the cheapest price in Nigeria?

If you’re a seller, where can I sell my car quickly with less hassle and the best price?.

Read on. We have the information you need to help you find where you can sell your car quickly or buy a car at a cheap price in Nigeria.

Buying or selling a car deserves serious consideration and you want the best deal you can afford or get. Check out the best places to buy and sell cars quickly in Nigeria. Click To Tweet

Unlike before, the search for where exactly to buy and sell cars is much easier. The advent of the internet and in recent times and the growing online market, has created platforms on which one can trade cars from the comfort of your bedroom, armchair, or even bathroom.

Several years ago, it was not as simple or accessible as it is right now. There was a limited variety to choose from. To the degree that one may end up with a vehicle, he may not like. Right here and now, in no particular order however, the best places to sell and buy cars quickly in Nigeria are available in this article.

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Where to buy and sell cars quickly in Nigeria

1. Carmart Nigeria

Carmart is quite easy to use. All you have to do is create a Carmart account using the appropriate details and you’re almost done. If you want to sell a car, all you will have to do is click the “Sell” button, after which you can immediately create an ad to sell your car. Unlike some other online car trade platforms, Carmart attempts to remove the complications associated with registering on these sites.

People set out to sell cars, sometimes, because they need money urgently and thus may need to sell as quickly as possible. So, if one will have to pay to put up an ad to sell a car, it would be harder to sell if the person has no money in the first place to advertise it.

This is one area in which Carmart has got you covered. Unlike other car trade websites, it is absolutely free to place car ads on the marketplace. This places Carmart at an edge above the rest in getting to sell or buy cars quickly.

Another advantage of Carmart is that you can order for any car model which may not even be available on the website at the time. Their agents will get back to you once a car that meets your specification becomes available.

Carmart is a highly trusted platform that will connect you with car dealers near your vicinity and also those who may wish to buy or sell cars privately.

You are free from spam mail whenever you register on Carmart. This is due to their decision not to allow the display of email addresses for public access. Due to this move, spam mails and spammers who go about seeking user’s details are avoided.

Ninety days is the period in which an ad can last on Carmart. Over this period, with a good ad and follow up, added to the popularity of the platform, you would have had enough time to get over one hundred buyers to check or make inquiries about your car. Also, if you so please, you can replace the ad the moment it expires. This feature helps the company keep the marketplace clean and free-flowing.

2. Nairaland

Being a non-auto dedicated platform, Nairaland can be a platform that lacks a certain level of reliability, however, there is the flexibility of being able to trade various types of goods and services on the platform.

Thus, this is one of the best places to buy and sell cars quickly in Nigeria. If you desire a very interactive platform to buy and sell cars quickly in Nigeria, Nairaland is your sure bet.

Even though the rankings of those who sell cars on the platform is quite poor – this is due to the site being non-dedicated for buying and selling of cars – it does not significantly affect the speed rate at which cars are bought and sold.

How this works is that there is a flood of new posts from users within every minute on Nairaland making it one of the best places to sell and buy cars quickly in Nigeria.

The best forum on Nairaland to make a post regarding car sales or purchase is “Autos.” This is a category where all car-related information is posted. You will find the category on the Nairaland homepage.

3. Cheki

This is one of the best places to sell and buy cars quickly in Nigeria. Aside from the platform enabling users to buy and sell cars quickly, Cheki offers additional services to Nigerians, such as linking car sellers and buyers to locations or places where they can also get spare parts.

This additional service bridges the gap created after purchasing a car and then, maybe seeking for how or where to find spare parts for that specific model of car.

Anyone can sign up on Cheki as either a buyer or a seller. It is quite straightforward and simple. One can sign up either as a Nigerian or even as a citizen of another country. This portrays the extensive services offered by Cheki. Another service offered by Cheki is helping buyers to negotiate helpful deals with insurance companies by linking them up.

The company gives professional advice to dealers, both sellers, and buyers who are accessing the platform. Notifications such as being careful, mobile or worked transfers, carrying out tests on cars in safe and secured areas amongst others notices are well spelt out on Cheki due to the number of scammers online.

Cheki is a good place, and one of the best places to sell and buy cars quickly in Nigeria. Cheki has a connection to numerous car dealers, and so is a really good online marketplace for the purchase and sale of cars. The website makes the acquisition and sale of cars online easy, quick, and at affordable prices, which are in line with your budget.

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4. Naij Auto

Naij Auto has done a lot to promote its brand in Nigeria. It is one of the very popular places to sell and buy cars quickly in Nigeria. They offer very good services to the public, similar to Carmart. However, they are not as sharp and responsive as their counterpart.

If you are very good and detailed with your preferred specification of vehicle and know how to optimise the description of a car, in a short space of time, say a few days using Naija Auto app, you should be able to sell or buy a car at a very affordable price.

Their customer support is well above average, though at times can be tiring. The use of the Naij Auto app makes the process of buying or selling cars easier both for the buyer and seller. It is advised that you carefully read through and follow the instructions and warnings of the Naijauto website, so as not to fall victim to online fraudsters.

Naijauto is one of the best places you can sell or buy cars quickly in Nigeria, and so, ensure you are extra careful of evildoers who disguise themselves as potential buyers on the site. On Naijauto, you can buy and sell, virtually, different items including used and new cars.

5. Cars45

Cars45 offers inspection services, prepurchase inspection, valuation and fleet liquidation. These services are not found on any other platform, making Car45.com one of the best places to buy and sell cars quickly in Nigeria.

In the process of selling and buying cars, some are not detailed in the inspection and valuation of cars. These services offered by Cars45 would help both the buyer and seller trade properly.

If you find yourself in this situation, then Cars45 has got your back on this one. Interestingly, all the vehicles on Cars45 are certified. This eradicates the issue of uncertainty or fear of purchasing stolen vehicles. Even if the car you wish to sell is in a very poor condition, Cars45 will help you sell it quickly. This is a very big plus for them.

There are real-time biddings and trade of cars actively going on on this website. It is a high-traffic car dealership website in Nigeria. For the best places to sell and buy cars quickly in Nigeria, Cars45 is up there.

Be careful not to fall victim to fraudsters; meet up with buyers or sellers physically in a safe place before making any form of exchange. Click To Tweet

6. Jiji

Similar to Nairaland, Jiji is a non-dedicated retailer website. This means that they are not known for buying or selling a specific product online. However, Jiji.ng has been around a long while and has proven their mettle to be one of the most trusted websites for the sale and purchase of goods and services.

Jiji is a legitimate online website where different categories of items can be bought or sold. Thus, it has a category called “Vehicles.” This is where you can choose a type of vehicle from a list which comprises: buses and microbuses, cars, heavy equipment, motorcycles and scooters, trucks, and trailers.

Additionally, it has two more categories that several other car trade platforms do not possess which are, vehicle parts and accessories, watercraft, and boats. Jiji.ng is one of the best places to buy and sell cars quickly in Nigeria.

Whatever the type of vehicle and your price range is, Jiji has one that suits your budget. However, just like all online marketplace platforms, it is not totally free from scammers.

It is therefore important that you have all your certifications in place before you begin any sort of trade. Jiji also notifies you regarding this. They encourage you to meet up with buyers or sellers of items physically before making any form of exchange.

Plus, Jiji has an app that makes it easy to connect with various buyers or sellers of cars all across the 36 states (plus Abuja) of the nation. One advantage of this app is that you can specify the type of car you may be looking for and even the location you’re in to enable Jiji to find anyone, a seller or a buyer close to you to be located. Once you have entered your specifications or filters, periodically, Jiji will update you on cars for sale which you may like. This is very advantageous.

Jiji also has a very interesting customer support system. They have a systematic way of calling those who are registered on their site, that is, those who are either sellers or buyers, to ask them how they are getting along with their business. They also suggest ways in which you can make your ad better and more relevant. They also have a customer support management system that can also help a buyer or seller keep their advert at the top list of adverts immediately if anyone who desires a car comes looking. This system is highly effective.

If you’re searching for one of the best places to buy and sell cars quickly in Nigeria, Jiji falls into that class.

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7. Inspired Autos

Inspired Autos offer a range of cars up for sale and purchase. From fairly used cars to brand new models, from car diagnostics to car repairs, Inspired autos has it all and more. Following customers reviews and ratings, Inspired Autos is one of the best places to buy and sell cars quickly in Nigeria. It is one of the car dealership sites that you can trust.

In addition to buying and selling cars, Inspired Autos platform creates the possibility for traders to perform auto baking, sales of vehicle tracking systems as well as customisation and upgrade of car kits.

Any model of a car you wish to buy or sell is available on the website. Specified phone numbers and e-mail is provided on the Inspired Autos website.

Inspired Autos also allow you to be able to order or preorder vehicles that are not in Nigeria, and they will be shipped to you in a space of 31 days. This is after you must have paid at least a 40% deposit of the total cost of the car. This is a good deal from one of the best places to buy and sell cars quickly in Nigeria.

Inspired Autos offer VIN checks for your cars. Plus, if you order parts from the USA, it will be delivered to you within the space of 7 days maximum. This is an outstanding offer of additional customer support.

8. Olist

Olist is one of the best spots to advertise, market, and purchase or sell your cars to genuine individuals.

This free online platform provides a straightforward/problem-free answer to sell and purchase nearly anything from real people.

To get started, all you need do is register, take great quality pictures of your car, click ‘POST AD’. Then, sit back and answer the messages and calls from your prospective customers!

When your advert goes live, a confirmation mail and notification will be sent to you.

If you intend to buy and not to sell, it’s still super easy. All you need to do is search for your desired item, contact a vender, take your item or order a delivery.

Don’t forget, when selling, try to take the full payment at the time of the delivery. Remember to use a safe location to meet.

Also, watch out for fake currency and money orders. Be aware that banks will not honour fake currency/money orders and will hold you responsible for it.

9. Beta Car

Beta Car is one place that gives you the best buying experience that’s honest, transparent, and all about you. The cars are rigorously inspected for quality assurance to ensure zero mechanical faults for your peace of mind.

They also make sure you find the best cars for your needs and offer it to you at the best prices possible. What you see on their site is what you pay for. It does not matter whether you know nothing or everything about buying a car, Beta Car will help to find the right car for you.

There’s also a flexible and affordable car financing option that helps you afford your dream car.

One advantage of Beta Car is that they offer you the best of both worlds – quality cars at prices you can afford.

Are you selling or buying a car from an auto website? Watch out for fake currency and money orders. Banks will not honour fake currency/money orders and will hold you responsible for it. Click To Tweet

10. Spicyauto

Spicyauto Limited is an online car marketplace committed to becoming the most loved and trusted marketplace on the web.

They tirelessly pursue these goals by offering a superior experience, creating transparency for everyone, providing rapid delivery and stellar customer service.

They also offer a trusted, reliable, and cost-effective online marketplace for the widest range of quality vehicles in Nigeria.

Although they do not sell cars directly, they offer a state-of-the-art advertising medium for users to buy and sell their cars, vans, bikes, trucks, and other vehicles. For car dealers, importers, and individual sellers they provide a huge reach of serious buyers.


This is a list of best places to sell and buy cars quickly in Nigeria. Most people desire to own a car because it is much more than a luxury but a necessity in Nigeria.

Now, gone are the days when buying a car was a big hassle. Almost anyone who can afford to buy a car can do that now easily as a result of the various sites that have been put in place to make this possible for you.

Finally, the post is for information purposes only and does not constitute endorsement or recommendation. Use your discretion at all times.

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