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Bet9ja guide 2021: Bet9ja shop, old bet9ja mobile shops, become Bet9ja agent & more

Bet9ja is a sports betting company, which rewards sports lovers for their passion for the games. You can find Bet9ja shops on most streets of big towns and in many states of the federation.

Sports betting, as the name implies, refers to betting or staking money with a chance to win huge sums of money on various sports markets. This could be done in Bet9ja shops and other walk-in sports betting shops. For example, in a football match or game, you can bet on which team will win, how many goals will be scored, the goal scorer, etc.

However, betting is not exclusive to football, it also covers all sporting events like tennis, basketball, cricket, etc. Such bookmakers include Bet9ja, Nairabet, Sporty bet, Merrybet, etc. However, in this article, we will be focusing on Bet9ja including how to set up a Bet9ja shop, how to play Bet9ja or bet on Bet9ja, how to book Bet9ja online, shop Bet9ja old mobile, and some examples of Bet9ja shops in Nigeria.

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About Bet9ja

Bet9ja is an online bookmaker company that offers bets on major sporting events. The company operates in Nigeria and is licensed by the Lagos State Lotteries Board (LSLB) with permission to operate in other parts of Nigeria. Bet9ja trades under the company name KC Gaming Networks Limited and it is run by a series of shareholders of multiple nationalities. Bet9ja was co-founded by Ayo Ojuroye and Kunle Soname who are its CEO and chairman respectively.

According to Alexa, a global internet traffic ranking firm, the Bet9ja website is the third most-visited website in Nigeria after Google.com and Youtube.com in late April 2020. It is also the most-visited local site in Nigeria and the only Nigerian website in the top 500 most-visited websites globally as of April 2020 according to a recent listing by IABC Africa.

Bet9ja shops in Nigeria

Bet9ja shops are like your usual or regular working shops with both a reception and an office desk. However, Bet9ja shops are known for the green and red colour of their buildings, which are typical of the company’s logo. They usually also contain various desktop monitors or laptops.

So how did these red and green Bet9ja shops get to litter our streets?

Well at the outset, the Bet9ja company, having understood the nature and realities of the Nigerian market, resolved to solve the peculiar challenges the company will face in a third world country still grappling with poor internet usage. The company realised that:

  • High-end browsing phones were still a luxury to most Nigerians
  • Computer illiteracy was a problem and many Nigerians found it difficult to get around their smartphones
  • Unreliability of most networks providers
  • Cost of network subscription is not something most people could afford

Hence, they embarked on an aggressive large-scale offline registration where they recruited agents to set up Bet9ja shops all over the country. This greatly improved the turn over as more and more Bet9ja shops kept on springing in every nook and cranny of the country. Now even in the smallest of shops, you will find over 10 persons analysing, booking, and praying to God to make them a millionaire.

How to register as a Bet9ja agent in Nigeria 2021

  • Submission of documentation to Bet9ja
  • Check of documents and location
  • Introductory conversation in person with our field staff
  • Verification of premises
  • The signing of the agent contract

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Submission of documentation to Bet9ja

Log on to the Bet9ja agent registration page with your computer or mobile phone and complete the new agent registration form.  The information required includes:

  • Your bio-data (name, age, sex, local government and state of origin)
  • Your shop address
  • A description of the type of business you run, e.g. a viewing centre or strictly a Bet9ja shop centre. Finally, you will be asked to upload important documents to prove your identity and residence.  Below is a list of documents you will be asked to submit:
    1. Proof of identity: The first set of documents you will need to upload is needed to prove your identity hence you upload any of the following:
      • Valid Passport (Photo Page Only with bio-data),
      • Valid ID Card ( showing both the Front and Back),
      • Valid Drivers’ License (clearly showing name address & date of birth)
    2. Proof of residence: The second part of the documents you will need to upload must show or be able to prove your current address. Here’s a list of accepted documents:
      • Bank Statement (Issued in the last 3 months)
      • Utility Bill (e.g. electricity bill issued in the last 3 months)
      • Tenancy Agreement ( visibly stamped/signed and Issued in the last 12 months)

2. Verification of documents and location

This usually takes 24hrs but may vary depending on the date of submission. It is best to submit during weekdays. In this step, Bet9ja will verify and ascertain the veracity or authenticity of the documents submitted; whether or not they correspond with the bio-data you filled on the registration form. If your documents return verified then you move to the next stage.

3. Introductory conversation with a Bet9ja staff

Bet9ja will send one of their field agents to have an introductory conversation with you. This is usually to verify or ascertain that you are capable of running or representing them as an agent. Don’t get jittery, as the conservation is usually light and relaxed. It also serves to evaluate whether or not you can relate to people. They are checking your interpersonal relationship skills and whether or not you can run a Bet9ja shop.

4. Verification of premises

If the field agent is satisfied, Bet9ja will next verify your shop premises. The purpose is to determine if you have adequate facilities to run a Bet9ja shop. The location and size of the shop are also taken into account.

5. The signing of the agent contract

This is the final stage towards becoming a Bet9ja agent. Here, you will be presented with a Bet9ja agent contract. Diligently go through it, as any violation of contractual terms will make you liable. If you are happy with the terms of the contract, go ahead and sign it. Congratulations, you are officially a Bet9ja agent.

How to open a Bet9ja shop in Nigeria 2021

Bet9ja is the most popular sports bookmaker in Nigeria with shops in over 19 states of the country and each state having not less than 50 Bet9ja shops.  Running a Bet9ja shop indeed can be a very lucrative business as it is not capital intensive, has less risk with a high potential for a good return on investment.

Cost and requirement for opening a Bet9ja shop in Nigeria 2021

  1. A Shop: This is one of the most important elements of setting up a Bet9ja shop in Nigeria. The location and size of the shop will either make or mar your business. The location of your shop will determine its size. If your shop is situated in a densely populated area with large clientele prospects, then you must either look for or build a good and sizable shop that can accommodate up to 3-15 cashiers and monitors. Depending on your location, renting a shop may cost between NGN200,000 and NGN500,000.
  2. A counter: Just like the banks, a Bet9ja shop in Nigeria must have a counter which separates the cashier from customers. The counter can be constructed by block work and painted. You can either choose to paint the whole counter or tile it. Or tile the top of the counter and paint the rest of the body. The counter should be able to, depending on your budget and the size of the shop, contain 3-15 cashiers and desktops and/or laptops.
  3. Painting/Decoration: Packaging is a very crucial part of any business. How your shop looks will go a long way to determine your customer base. Usually, Bet9ja shops are painted a bright red and green in a striped form. However, you can opt for a different colour but a variation that is a checkered green and red square would just be nice.
  4. Laptops and Monitors (Desktops): You will need high-end laptops and/or desktops, each having a processing speed of at least 2.97 GHz. This is because you would want a computer that processes your customers’ requests with the speed of light. This will help you to avoid a crowded office. Again, depending on the size of your shop, you will need 3-15 desktops/laptops. You also need an additional control laptop (or desktop) as you will need to duplicate the laptop view with the desktop monitor using DVI-D, DVI-I, Dual-Link DVI wire to enable 2 in 1 screen view between the cashier and customers.
  5. Printer and Notice Board: A printer will be needed to print daily sports markets, which will be posted on the notice for your customers to select and book their games.
  6. 80mm Thermal POS Receipt Printer: This printer is used to print out the games played by your customers and it will cost between 10,000 and 30,000 naira.
  7. Generator (or alternative power source): Well, this is a Nigerian factor. Due to the poor power supply and unreliability of all electricity companies in Nigeria, owning a generator is not only necessary for households but also for business.
  8. Wi-Fi 3G/4G Modem: Ethernet is not usually a good sight to see with so many wires running back and forth. Wi-Fi has become the most convenient means to connect multiple laptops simultaneously to the internet. Since you have acquired the necessary laptops and desktop monitors, the next thing you should consider is how to get them connected, that is why you need a good wireless modem that can connect all your computers at a time. To get a good Wi-Fi 3G/4G modem should cost around 10000-35000 naira.
  9. Initial deposit or registration fee: Before setting up your shop as a Bet9ja agent you must, as part of getting started, make a deposit of NGN50,000.00, which will be credited to your user account to get you started. This will be the money your clients/customers will use to book their games.
  10. Flat-screen Television: To make your shop moiré attractive, fun and to keep your audience entertained or even to attract more sports lovers. Then you definitely should get at least one television set of about 24-55 inch TV. This will give your shop a viewing centre outlook and will definitely encourage and attract sports lovers. Other side attractions you can add to your shops is a snack and drink counter, which will help keep your clients entertained and is an additional source of revenue.
  11. AC/Air condition: The major turn-offs in many Bet9ja shops is the odour/smell that reeks out of many of the shops. Most customers just troop from wherever they were to the shop and turn the atmosphere into a conglomeration of different body smells and perfume. A well air-conditioned or aired room will reduce the incidence of sweating and smell.

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How to bet on Bet9ja (How to play Bet9ja games) in Nigeria 2021

There are two major ways one can play Bet9ja games, namely:

  1. Offline/Bet9a shop
  2. Online/Bet9ja user account

How to play Bet9ja / how to bet on Bet9ja shops

This is the first and most common method to play Bet9ja games. It requires you to first book a game online and then proceed to a Bet9ja shop in Nigeria with the booking code to make payment.

1. How to book Bet9ja online 

  1. Log on to Bet9ja.com from your mobile or laptop
  2. Select what sports you want to bet on e.g. football, tennis or virtual
  3. Select your market by choosing from a wide range of markets e.g. Home to win, both teams to score, etc.
  4. Once you’re done selecting, click on “Bet slip”, which displays a list of the markets you’ve selected
  5. Input the amount you want to bet with
  6. Click on “Bet”
  7. After that, a new page will be displayed which shows your booking code. Copy it down
  8. Walk into the nearest Bet9ja shop. Pay and print out your bet slips. Viola! You’re done
  9. If you win, take the slip back to the counter to claim your money and if you lose… well, we move.

2. Bet9ja computer version (How to play Bet9ja online using a personal account / Bet9ja desktop)

This is the second way to play Bet9ja games in Nigeria. This involves owning a fully funded Bet9ja account.

A Bet9ja account has a lot of advantages over betting at a Bet9ja shop. Some of the advantages are:

  1. Convenience: You can comfortably book your games right in your home with your mobile phone or laptops. No need to trek or spend transport going to the nearest Bet9ja shop.
  2. Privacy: Betting from your home eliminates the option or nuisance of having to mix up with some people or put up with irate cashiers or to be seen as “gambling”. You just stay at home and book your games from the comfort of your home.
  3. Winnings: You don’t need to leave your house with your ticket to go to a Bet9ja shop to receive your money. Your winnings are sent directly to your account. Furthermore, it is more secure.

You receive your winnings directly in your bank account without any stress at all.

  1. Cash-out: This allows you to cash out a percentage of your winning before all the games have played. This is great especially when you’re not so sure about a particular booking.

 How to create a Bet9ja account

  1. Log on to Bet9ja.com using your phone or computer and click on “Join Now”
  2. On the next page, you will be required to enter your first and last names, a valid email address (for verification purposes) and your date of birth. Note that you must be at least 18 years old to be able to use the website
  3. Enter your name exactly as it is on your bank account alongside your other information and click on submit
  4. Confirm your registration by click on the verify link that will be sent to your mail.
  5. Once your account has been verified, log in with your details. Click on “Deposit” to fund your account
  6. After you’ve funded your account, go to the homepage and make your selections
  7. Click on the “Bet slip” to see the list of your bookings
  8. Choose the amount and click on “Bet”. The said amount will be deducted from your account.
  9. If you win any game, you will have the winnings credited to your Bet9ja account from which you can apply to withdraw and have the money credited to your local bank account
  10. If you lose… well we move again.

Old bet9ja mobile (Shop bet9ja old mobile, Old Mobile Bet9ja shop)

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to book a bet on the old Bet9ja website or old Bet9ja mobile. However before we guide you towards shopping on the old Bet9ja mobile site, it is important to highlight the difference between the old Bet9ja website and the New Bet9ja website.

Old Bet9ja mobile vs. New Bet9ja mobile website

The old Bet9ja mobile version is all about simplicity. It focuses on giving a punter or a Bet9ja user a straight to business kind of experience. You log onto the site, click on soccer, and start betting or making your selections. There’s little or no distraction and with less user interaction.

Whereas, the new Bet9ja mobile version is an upgraded version of the old Bet9ja mobile shop. It is more user-friendly and has a lot of modern features to keep pace with the development of modern times. There’s huge user interaction as right from the beginning a Bet9ja user is already presented with top betting features or popular markets, games for the day are arranged together and the bet slip is properly identified.

However, many users prefer the old Bet9ja mobile platform because of its simplicity and ease of use.

How to shop on old bet9ja mobile

  • Log on to https://old-mobile.bet9ja.com/Home.aspx
  • Scroll and click on Bet
  • Choose the sports you want to bet on, e.g. soccer, tennis or basketball, etc.
  • Analyse the game and choose your markets, e.g. Home to win
    bet9ja old mobile shop
  • At the top right-hand corner of your screen, you will see a shopping cart click on itbet9ja shop
  • The shopping cart will display your bet selections
  • Choose your staking amount and click on “Bet”

Bet9ja shop

If you have an account, the money will be deducted from your account and your game automatically booked. However, if you don’t have an account, copy the coupon code and take it to the nearest Bet9ja shop and pay the staking amount to book your bet.

Shop Bet9ja / Shop Bet9ja in Nigeria

This is an incomplete list of some Bet9ja shops across five states in Nigeria.

Bet9ja shops in Lagos state

  • Address: 5 Western Ave, Surulere 009234, Lagos. Contact: 0809 408 9184
  • Address: 16 Makinde Cl, Yaba 009234, Lagos. Contact: 0703 097 7557
  • Address: 23 Alhaji Ogunsola Street, Egbeda, Lagos. Contact: 01 279 6666
  • Address: Onilu Village, Lagos. Contact: 0816 411 6781
  • Address: Silifatu Akinsanya St, Street Ijesha, Lagos. Contact: 0803 583 6442

Bet9ja shops in Abuja

  • Address: Guidna Kubwa Village
  • Address: Saibadawa Plaza Prayer Road Junction Phase 11, Jikwoyi, Abuja, FCT, New Karu
  • Address: 7 Adeleye David Cres, Kubwa, Abuja. Contact: 0703 900 0997

Bet9ja Shops in Owerri

  • Address: Orlu Okigwe Rd By-Pass, Amakohia-Akwakuma, Owerri
  • Address: New Market Layout, Owerri
  • Address: Shop the World centre, Imsu junction Owerri.
  • Address: 5 Tetlow Rd, Owerri. Contact: 0817 015 7081

Bet9ja shop in Ibadan

  • Address: Ajimututu Shopping Complex, 9 Queen Cinema, Ibadan. Contact: 0811 451 4432
  • Address: 45 Zone 3 Oloola New Felele, Soka Road, Ibadan. Contact: 0803 553 1267
  • Address: Apete Rd, Ibadan. Contact: 0807 894 5290
  • Address: 2nd-floor Old Cinema House, opposite Access bank, LCDA, Iperu. Contact: 0806 124 9616
  • Address: Abonde Road, opposite Hallelujah Store, Ibadan

 Bet9ja shop in Port Harcourt

  • Address: 5 Pipeline Road, Off Air Force Road, Rumodome, Port Harcourt
  • Address: Farm Road, Rumuagholu, Port Harcourt. Contact: 0803 814 6917
  • Address: 22B Old Aba Road, Obia, Port Harcourt. Contact: 0814 647 5250
  • Address: Ikwerre Rd, Rumuigbo 500272, Port Harcourt. Contact: 0815 953 3466
  • Address: 680 Ikwerre Rd, Umuibo 500102, Port Harcourt. Contact: 0814 541 3643

 Bet9ja Shop in Enugu

  • Address: 10A Hillview St, Independence Layout, Enugu. Contact: 0806 864 9887
  • Address: 32 Zik Ave, Achara, Enugu. Contact: 0803 534 4338
  • Address: 149 Agbani Rd, Uwani, Enugu. Contact: 0703 644 1907
  • Address: Off Tanker Park, No1 Barr. Ikpeama St, Trans-Ekulu 400103, Enugu. Contact: 0806 060 1692
  • Address: 2 Silver And Gold Shopping Complex, 75 Abakpa Nike Rd, Enugu Contact: 0703 935 0179


Bet9ja is one of the biggest if not the biggest online bookmakers in Nigeria and Africa at large. Registering as an agent and owning your own Bet9ja shop can be quite rewarding. Immediately, after you verify your account and register as an agent, you will have access to all the unique and wide variety of sports markets and betting options, high odds, easy payment options, etc. Bet9ja also runs a loyalty program where their agents get rewarded with gifts. So what are you waiting for? Get your Bet9ja shop ready and sign up as an agent, Cheers!

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