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Doctor Cupid: How to tell if your relationship is falling apart

Love is beautiful, but only when the relationship is wholesome. There can be times when it seems like a once pleasant relationship is falling apart, and there are various ways to tell.

When a relationship is falling apart, everything seems wrong. It could be that you have stopped being your partner’s secret obsession, and it would seem like you can’t control what is going on. There could be frustrations and vile words flying all over the place.

If you are already experiencing this and can’t place your hands on what is wrong, then not to worry, we have got you covered.

This week, Doctor Cupid is discussing the various ways you can tell that your relationship is falling apart.

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Lack of communication

In relationships, communication is what holds the bond together. Truth be told, it was what started the bond, hence it is what can sustain it. So, one of the ways to know that your relationship is falling apart is when there is a lack of communication.

Silent treatments usually evolve to disregarding your partner’s presence, which could lead to falling out of love.


You could be with your partner in the same space and still be lonely. This may be because they are only interested in their phone.


Time is valuable in relationships. Spending time together just to talk and laugh or having a movie night, dinner dates, etc builds the bond of the relationship. All these and more are vital for relationships that want to thrive. When you don’t spend time together, the relationship can suffer and fall apart.

Frequent Fights

At the start of the relationship, you were madly in love and couldn’t get enough of each other. However, it seems like you can’t stop yelling at each other. You have constant fights and disagreements.

Words of Affirmation

Nothing builds love stronger than words of affirmations. Words of affirmations are words that help assure your partner that they are yours. Everyone needs assurance and if your partner isn’t willing to give assurance, then your relationship could be falling apart.

These are the practical things that tell you that your relationship is falling apart. You could try also these resources on his secret obsession website. They will definitely help you in more ways than you can imagine.

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