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Dr Cupid: 5 signs to know he is not into you

Being in a committed relationship is already enough hard work as it is but when your partner isn’t that into you, it can become a really traumatic experience.

This is because you have slowly stopped being his secret obsession. Sometimes, your man might still be very committed to the relationship but is no longer into you.

You probably won’t be able to tell, especially if he continues doing all he is supposed to do as the man in your life.

In this post, I’m sharing five simple signs that’ll show you if he’s not that into you anymore.

1. He never contacts you first.

When you’re really into someone, you look beyond their excesses at the very beginning.

Sometimes you might see the signs but ignore it solely because you’re at a stage in the relationship where you’re making excuses for the one you love.

However, if he likes you, he’ll be keen to talk to you, whenever he’s got a spare minute, and you’ll be on his mind, and he’ll want to know if he’s on yours.

But if it’s always you who’s making contact first, that’s a sign that whilst he’s happy to chat to you if you initiate things, he’s not keen enough to reach out to you.

2. He blows hot and cold.

One minute he seems super interested in you and is affectionate, and the next minute, he can’t seem to stay around you.

Chances are that the keen moments occur when he’s feeling lonely or insecure, and when he’s back on a high esteem level, and you’ve served your purpose, until the next time his ego needs massaging.

If he’s trying to repeatedly pick you up and drop you, he’s not the one for you, and it’s completely obvious he is not into you.

3. You’re always the one making plans.

When a guy is not into you, one of the most prominent signs is that you’d be the one to always make plans to hang out.

Just as you’re always the one texting him first, you’re always the one to suggest that the two of you should do something together.

He’s happy to agree if he’s not got other plans, but he’s not going to make an effort to organize things with you or think of ideas for dates you might enjoy.

4. You don’t get his full attention.

When you’re together, he’s always got one eye on his phone or is looking over your shoulder at the pretty waitress.

Everyone can seem distracted now and again if they’ve got something big going on in their life taking up their headspace.

But if they consistently don’t seem to be in the room when you’re together, you can safely conclude that you’re not a priority for him.

5. You just know it.

One thing about women is their intuition. If something deep down inside you is telling you that he doesn’t like you, or that he isn’t into you, then he probably doesn’t like you like that.

Don’t squash those feelings down. Listen to what your gut is trying to tell you, and move on before you get hurt.

It’s probably not going to be easy, but in a few months you’ll look back and thank god you didn’t waste any more of your energy on him, and find it hard to remember what you ever liked about him anyway.

Still not sure whether he likes you or not? Try these resources on his secret obsession website will help you.

Jenny M
Jennifer Madunagu is a diction/phonetics instructor and also a creative writer. She loves seeing movies and enjoys reading books. To follow Jennifer Madunagu - Twitter: @Jmadunagu



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