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Heart to heart: 7 signs that you have become a toxic person

Several factors can contribute to making you a toxic person without your even knowing the damage you’re causing other people.

You may have been abused or faced some psychological issues that in turn took a toll on you and then knocked your emotional energy out of balance.

There are many people out there who are walking around with toxic behaviour that keeps detaching them from other people. The sad thing is that they may not know that they are the toxic ones but still keep wondering why their relationships are not working.

You may be one of them. We have compiled a list of seven signs that will tell you if you have become a toxic person or not. See the list below:

1. You fail to take responsibility for your actions

Consider it a red flag if you catch yourself feeling like everything that is happening in your life is someone else’s fault. Rarely ever do we not play any part at all in whatever problems arise in our lives.

Think about everything that is currently going on in your life, outline how you can turn things around then start doing that.

2. You’re always negative

There are both positive and negative sides to every situation in life. While it can sometimes be hard to do so, most people focus on the positives and use that to get by.

If you find yourself constantly obsessing over everything that could go wrong about something, then its time to check yourself. Nobody wants to constantly be around a wet blanket.

3. Your life is constantly full of drama

Everyone goes through some unavoidable dramatic moments in life. It’s unavoidable and it keeps life interesting. However, if you notice that you thrive in dramatic situations, it is time to take a step back and reevaluate your life.

Look at the tool that all this constant drama is taking on your life and readjust it. What’s more, your loved ones will get tired of listening to you complain at some point.

4. You’re a gossip

There are very few things that are as bad as badmouthing someone behind their back. Yes, they may have hurt you, but the healthy way to deal with those kinds of situations is to either speak to a trusted confidante or to gather your thoughts on the subject matter and approach them about it.

5. You don’t know how to let go of things that are bad for you

If someone or something hurts you, especially if it is bad enough that you feel like they have broken your trust, then its time t make the very hard decision of letting them go.

Things will never improve as long as you stay in that relationship and your loved ones will definitely get tired of listening to you talk about it. Find the strength to move on and believe that there are better things out there for you.

6. You always want to dominate people

One of the worst kinds of conversations to have is with someone who keeps talking and won’t let you get anything in. What is the point of talking to someone like this when you can just stay at home and watch movies?

Consider the conversations that you have with friends. Are they usually a dialogue or is it a one-man show that consists of just you? Try to start turning things around right now.

7. Your friends keep disappearing

This is the biggest indicator of whether you are a toxic person or not. If friends are constantly pulling out of your life, making excuses for why they can’t hang out with you or simply avoiding your calls, then reevaluate your interactions and try to decipher what you may have done.

Reach out to them and offer to make amends. Sometimes, it’s not possible to repair broken relationships so you may need to move on with the firm resolve to be a better person.

It is a horrible thing to find out that you are the cause of all the negative things and lack of peace that you’ve been suffering. However, you can still change things. The first step is to identify your problem. Then pick up a book or two, kick the toxic behaviours out of your life, and start enjoying your life again.

Simbiat Haroun studied Computer Science at the University of Lagos. She enjoys doing research and spends most of her time reading. She can be contacted at simbiat@sidomexuniversal.com.


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