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Monday Motivation Quotes: Staying happy on the road to success

It’s another Monday, and a good time to remind everyone how important it is to deliberately find happiness in our daily endeavours.

Today, we highlight Sidney J. Harris’ famous quote, “happiness is a direction, not a place!” More often than not, we tend to expect happiness only from completing a task, attaining an achievement, or just meeting a target.

This could partly explain why some people might find it difficult to attain a state of constant and deliberate happiness when circumstances might not exactly be favourable to them. Most people are groomed to only appreciate the results of work and purpose without acknowledging the processes that led to the results.

Success is seldom an overnight achievement, there is usually a deeper process – an inner working of motivation, purpose, and drive, all of it mostly in private. People who have made great strides across different industries and endeavours always hammer on the need to enjoy the twists and turns on the road to success.

This connotes that while it is perfectly okay to be happy when we record successes of any kind, it is important to note that true happiness comes from enjoying the process. True happiness is a function of the deliberate acknowledgement of the little steps that translate into big wins.

To be truly happy, it is important to relish and enjoy every opportunity to take a step forward in the direction we want to go to. Just as little drops of water makes the ocean, so does every little step count. We need to learn to draw happiness from our respective journeys, not only from when we arrive at our destinations.




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