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Owambe 102: Top 7 tips to slay at any owambe

Another Owambe Saturday is here, so let’s seize this opportunity to update your Owambe look

Owambe time is party time, a time to slay, meet people, network, laugh and of course eat. Slaying is an unwritten rule in the owambe dictionary, and as such, you cannot afford to dress anyhow or look like the housegirl.

From a Yoruba girl who loves Owambe to the world, here are your rules to slay at any owambe party.

1. Transportation

If you don’t have a car to transport you, get a cab. Thank you, Uber. Reason for this is that you don’t want to walk a long distance in heels or take a bike, the sun will definitely smear your makeup and trust me, you don’t want your makeup dripping. You need to package yourself well so try to find a comfortable means of transportation for your own good. Moreover, you don’t know who you’ll meet as you get to the venue. Best you start as you mean to go on.

2. Footwear

If you are wearing a native or English attire, please do not wear flat shoes. You need to walk tall in that heel and walk with all confidence. Though I hasten to caution you to take along a pair of flat sandals or ballet shoes with you – for when your feet hurt unbearably or maybe for when you are sitting with your feet tucked under table away from the public glare. But always, make sure that you make an appearance with the heels.

3. Headgear (Gele)

Gone are the days when only our mothers tie gele (headgear). These days, gele is almost synonymous to slaying. Get a makeup artist or learn to tie gele yourself to save yourself from from disappointment. If you want to wear a native attire trust me that gele must be in place.

Image via Instagram

4. Make-up

Do not attempt to go to that party without makeup, please. Some people get their makeup done by professionals when they have a party. But we can’t all afford that kind of luxury, let’s just learn the basic makeup and colour coordination. A bad makeup would scare people away.

5. Overdressing

You’re not the bride, so please don’t steal her show. Thank God for all this style bloggers, one can easily get nice styles to sew. If you are wearing an English or native attire just make sure you look good and stylish without going overboard.

6. Learn simple table manners aka etiquette

It’s so sad some ladies do not know how to eat in public or even use a cutlery set appropriately. Watch the way you chew and hold your glass. You don’t want to embarrass your ancestors because of food. No, gluttony is not allowed even though the food is free. If it’s a classy affair, it doesn’t hurt to check out YouTube videos. Your table manners can make or break you. The same goes for drinks. If alcohol is served, drink responsibly.

Image via Pexels


7. Participate

The best and cheapest makeup you can wear is your smile. Don’t frown! You might be stressed out or busy but please try to wear that smile, it makes you appear so beautiful, warm and humane.

Then participate! Participate! Laugh at jokes, dance when it’s time, catch a bouquet if you can or at least participate in catching the bouquet. How else will eligible bachelors find you interesting or most importantly realise you’re available if you don’t participate or go out to catch the bouquet? Not forgetting to break into a smile, now and again, of course.


Follow these tips and thank me later.



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